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FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) is a Link to a File Server over the Internet.

On My System this goes through a ELE Server that links all the files normally shown on the Terminal or Web ELEBBS.

It Requires you to log in ( same user and password as the BBS )


You could try the Link on this page But it requires Internet Explorer to be correctly set up at your end.

Alternatively you could use Windows file explorer, (Right click on the Directory Pane choose ‘Edit’ and enter, :-


Another way is a dedicated FTP Program such as Filezilla client  ( use same address and port as above without the ftp:// bit.

Check your Firewall and router allow ports 21 and 20

(Note Did have this on Port 2121 but it has been reported that users could not see directories after correctly logging in !.

So have reverted back to 21. )


As on the BBS each group selection was either a separate CD, ( now all copied onto the NAS file server ),

Or files pertaining to a certain topic. (e.g. elebbs )


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Last Revised: Monday, Jan 28, 2023