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Vikings and Dark age re-enactment

As a member of the re-enactment group the Blood Eagles (BLOD PAR RYGEN) I can help with questions or contacts thrughout the re-enactment world.

Have a small amount of pictures and Info files on the BBS (see contact Information below )

Will try to answer any queries you have about historical re-enactment, or living history displays.

And if I do not know I will try to pass you on to someone who will.

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PC's Hardware & Software

Having a problem with your computer ?

Having a problem with your Applications ?

Need a Driver, Application software. ?

Having a problem with a PLC or Scada System ?


Contact me and I may be able to help you sort it out.

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address


Fax +44 (0)1298 813348 ( Has to be requested.)

Voice/Answerphone +44 (0)1298 813348

BBS phone numbers

+44 (0)1298 813348 Node 1 (may need ,#233)

( Not functional at present, due to conflict between ‘Call ID’, ‘Caller Blocking’ on Phone,

And ‘Auto Line discriminator’ .

No longer active Node 2 ( only 1 phone line ! )

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Please note on  BBS ' Some Doors are having a problem '

Please Be patient and report any problems, I am trying to sort it.

New Have added a few Games to Telnet BBS ( option A from ‘Main’ menu )

Web access to Hagar's Helpline BBS

Help on ELEWEB


Login to Hagar's Helpline !.     ( no external doors )

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Biographical Information

Name:- Alastair Henderson

Profession:- Engineer

Qualifications:- BSc. Ceng. MIMechE.

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Personal Interests

Running My BBS, Computing (general), Wine making, Dark Age historical Re-enactment.

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Last Revised: Saterday, Jan28, 2023