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Latest BBS & Website News New user registration, All Registration Pages are now incorporated into the theme. ....... If screen blankes/Errors on log in try using browser 'back' tab then 'Home'......(Added) GB Weather Map Add-On. This will display a menu from the Met Office.

Welcome To Hagar's Helpline
We hope you enjoy your stay...

This Front Screen is from the 2006 'Dark Domain' Web build. ( Sort of, see below )
Once Logged in, you see my Mixed 2003 / 2010 script with the 2006 script/HTML.
This gives access to Forum front Page, Not possible on 2006. Avatar's, seperate Edit screens, etc.

This site is still in its development stage. Note that some pages are not fully complete.
Still has problems with - Forum Comments, ( come up under frame area ) - Some File Search Screens,
- Java_Script Needs Browser with Java support, new browsers have no support ? - Java and Standard Telnet link .
- Java version needs Browser Java support, Standard needs active telnet terminal !.
- Some Other site links now defunct, Removing as I find them.

Views of Old Dial Up Hagars Helpline BBS

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