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To use Telnet you need to use a compatible ‘Terminal’ program

( Putty ), An original terminal no file Transfer, config to Telnet, (translation) ANSI, hagars.org.uk port 24.

( Le-Putty ), Same as above but can install ZModem addon, to transfer Files

( Hyperterm ) used to be included in windows, now need to download the free version. Has several protocols for file transfer

( Sync Term ) Preferred Terminal for connecting to my BBS

Set to IBM847 or similar mono spaced font.


Web Terminal Consoles

 These can be either Java or Flash based. With embedded script in the web page to generate a console and connect through to the Telnet Server.

To use these Just open the Hagars Helpline Web connection, Click on Telnet Help and Connections, ( you are reading it ).

These should work through your browser , but some more modern browsers have disabled ‘Java console’, and ‘Flash’, so unless you are using a very old version of Windows, ( NT, 2000, XP ) then it is likely that these may fail.

You can usually go through my.ftelnet.ca ( do not forget Port is 24 not 23. )

However My address seems to be locked out from being able to connect using this.


Webb Console Trials to Telnet to Hagar's Helpline BBS

Simple Telnet Link                                       ( Requires Internet Explorer to be set for Telnet ! )


Embeded fTelnet snippet                           (Does not seem to work, My site not registered in Proxy Site ! )



fTelnet_HtmlTerm !                                    ( tries fTelnet first then if that fails then tries HtmlTerm )

                                                                        fTelnet does require Flash ver 10 or above, Most new browsers

                                                                        do not allow this.

HtmlTerm requires browser that is Html 5 compatible.

 (only for telnet suported browsers)

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Last Revised: Monday, Jan 28, 2023