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Help on ELEWEB


From the initial screen click on Login to Hagar's Helpline !.


This should Show a intermediate page with scrolling info, pictures of old ANSI BBS, some menu options and external web jumps, These should be available without login

From this screen either ‘log in’ ( top Right ),Or register a ‘new user’ name / password. (Full Name, min3 char/numbers Password )

This should put you into the base / home screen, ( note if screen errors use Browser back and then ‘Home’. )


Main menu selections on left, main centre is Forum # 1 dialog (main news / notes ), right is general info, Avatar picture, and extra external web jumps. ( also at base )

See your Details using ‘show Profile’

Should be able to enter extra details in ‘edit profile’ and put a picture against your log in

Using the ‘edit Avatar’.

‘Messages’ - Leave / read messages, ( Can also Edit / Delete messages you have written, as long as this is allowed in that area. ) (add new messages answers to a chain, ), Puts you first into ‘Group’ Select, Then ‘Area’ Select.

‘Forum’ allows you to browse through the three areas set up.

( Area one is the main opening screen message area, (may not be accessible to all users, under ‘Forums’), the other 2 are for your comments or discussions, )

( the difference between these and old style message areas, is the method of listing and display, if a ‘Avatar’ picture has been set, this will be displayed against any of your messages )

Also Has easy links to Reply and Edit your messages.

( ‘Forum’ are indexed differently from ELEBBS hence it is best not to Edit / Delete Web / Forum messages in standard ELEBBS )

pillage files, ( download )( upload seems to have a problem on the Web, use the Telnet

connection into the old text version . Or FTP.)

Files are set into interest areas, or old CD / DVD contents. ( note all files now on file server so available all time.  )

Some areas are limited on age or user status.

If you have any problems downloading / viewing files check your browser settings for application set for each file type !.

If there are any files you expect to find, but can not, then post me a message in old SYSOP area, and I will see if I have it in my archives.


If screen seems to lock or result is strange, use browser back button to get to ‘home’

And leave a message describing the error.